Xbox Scorpio’s IP list that’ll show off its power this year

Microsoft through Eurogamer and digital Foundry have unleashed the specs for Project Scorpio which will get its official unveiling around E3 in June. The breakdown confirmed that it’ll be a powerhouse with a CPU: Eight custom x86 cores, GPU: 6 teraflops, RAM: 12GB GDDR5, Memory bandwidth: 326GB/s, Vapour-chamber cooling and a 1TB Hard Drive this thing is the most powerful console created to date. If that wasn’t enough much like the Xbox 360 did for Xbox games like Halo 2 through anti-aliasing, Scorpio can achieve similar tweaks with previous released games running much smoother on its console.
We’ve discovered that numerous websites have found reliable sources that can all but confirm not only what games will be shown off this year but those that will be headlining the consoles launch this fall. This should all be seen as rumors but is the most likely scenario.
Forza 7which should honestly be a no brainier will be shown off this year looking incredible at 4K and 60fps gameplay. Earlier this year they’ve been testing Forza on the Scorpio to small parties which ran as smooth as to be expected. Some have also claim to have seen code in Forza 6 Apex on the PC which relates to content not presented in that game.
Crackdown 3 has been delayed or not fully discussed since its original announcement date. Microsoft has shown off the games through technical demo but word is they’ve been holding out for about a year to show off what the game can really do which the Scorpio will deliver on.
Fallout VR has not been confirmed for it nor has the support for a specific VR headset but many aside Oculas is on its way! Interviews with Phil Spenser in the past has led people to believe that VR headsets will be supported somehow with Scorpio as it is also intended to be a true VR cable machine.
State of Decay 2 which should also not be a surprise. This recently was discussed as the company said the sequel is 3x’s bigger then the first game and has seen a delay itself which could only be explained by trying to get more power out of a more powerful console.

The next Call of Duty as this is a game that has a few exclusives now with Xbox and being that Activision had made graphic updates for Playstation 4 Pro for both Infinite Warfare and Black Ops 3 this shouldn’t be a daunting task at all.

Rumored and speculation include Battlefront 2 which is said to be announced, Red Dead Redemption 2, at least one EA sports game and a few previously released games like Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and Recore. All of this will be announced E3 or close to it as it’s coming up fast. This is also only a partial list of what we be announced and it’ll have people wanting to start saving their money to pick one up!


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