SVS Prime Elevation speaker review: Versatility at its best

The way consumers want to watch their movies and play games is not as simple as just hooking it up to your TV. Consumers want some level of immersion whether it be through a sound bar or an entire home theater. Just like the adaption of HD TV, then 3D and now 4K can be said about sound as well. Without going into great detail on all the aspects we are now at a state where companies like Dolby, DTS and Auro created 3D immersive sound not only in theaters but now within the home. This requires that sound come from above and or come down at you, as if you’re hearing things above as well as all around.

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Whether we’ve been taking normal surround sound speakers and placing them above or using Dolby Atmos certified up-firing speakers we didn’t have a speaker that could do both until now of course. The SVS Prime Elevation speaker may quite possibly be the king of versatility.

These speakers boast a 1” aluminum dome tweeter, authoritative 4.5” mid-woofer and are designed to give you the maximized sound that can come out of them at anytime give the cabinet is engineered for maximum sonic impact and immersion. It comes with speaker mounts that can be place directly on the wall. I personally wanted a bit more flexibility and since these speakers are heavier then usual I went out and got some Monoprice swivel mounts that fit perfect with it. The angled shape of the speaker is not for esthetics but to give you the perfect case use which could be anything from speakers above your tv (my orientation), speakers above on your sides, up-firing them on top of other speakers or by themselves. These are probably the best looking speakers I have owned at this point, they fit perfectly if not better then anything I have setup so having more of these would definitely not be a bad thing.




This is the part where these speakers shine because no matter where you put them they’re going to sound like they were meant for that placement. Whether you’re up-firing them or down-firing them they create such a rich sound that it will travel exactly where it needs to get to you while delivering that immersion. Bandwidth rated at 55Hz-25kHz with a recommended watt power of 20-150. These speakers pack a punch, especially when setup in elevation for down-firing. In most cases they sounded better then my infinity Primus bookshelf speakers I have setup for surround and these are half the size. While gaming I could here mids and lows and superb quality which is what I would want.
If you’re looking to up your home theater setup and are getting into immersive sound whether it be Dolby Atmos, DTS:X or Auro 3D you won’t be disappointed on setting up a pair of these. Not the cheapest at $200 per speaker but aside the overall quality you get, this also competes with some top brands. You also have a speaker/s which can be used in any position which most can’t say that. For more info on the SVS Prime Elevation speaker you can find it here.


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