CES ’17: Personal audio round up

personal earbuds and headphones are all over CES every year but the innovation never stops. This year gave us superior sound or wireless play. We got a chance to check out a few at CES 17 and here are some that stood out.

Personal audio

RHA’s line of earbuds are some of the higher quality of listening experiences you can get from earbuds. They range from the very affordable MA350 to the flagship line the CL1 Ceramic. Each sounding better then the last the CL1 Ceramic is true sound to the ears. If you couple this with their Dacamp L1 audio amplifier then that might be as good as it gets.

Jlab was sporting their new wireless noise canceling headphones. Flex gives your 30 hours of battery life on bluetooth and has a 40mm driver all with an affordable price tag. It’s also one of the most rugged headphones we’ve tried on as you can really stress it and know it won’t break on you.

House of Marley brings the popular Positive Vibration with Positive Vibration 2. They will be released wired and wirelessly and staying true to the Marley wood look and feel. One of the lower end costing headphones but still sounding great while doing it.

Many companies are coming out with true wireless earbuds but Bragi seems to be hitting a sweet spot here. All on ear functions worked well when using it and had a good natural fit with a good sound overall. Stay tuned as we’ll take a deeper dive into these wireless earbuds soon!

A new company releasing the first ever smart headphones was showing off the latest build. Vinci headphones has a color display on each side showcasing not only the song playing but other functions like custom graphics. The headphones are said to learn pattern behavior and an assistant like program within helps you with tasks by command.

There was clearly much more going on at CES but this was just a snippet of some of the best I’ve experienced. Stay tuned as I’ll be giving more round ups of the best the show had to offer.


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