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Battlefield 1 Fall Update is Live

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Today EA released their first big update for Battlefield 1. It’s finally nice to get some tweaks and balances in the game especially in Operations, after all there’s nothing like getting on a crap team and getting stomped over and over and over again.

Operation Changes:
Attackers are getting a boost. Maximum tickets for attackers are increased (64 players 150-250, 40 players 150-200), also tickets regained from killing retreating defenders after a capture is increased from 2 to three. Sector capture times are decreased slightly while the amount of tickets regained is also increased from 30-50 in 64 player map modes.

Conquest Changes:
Suez Conquest – Two flags added so there’s no lock and drop. Added 1 Armor car on both sides and flag capture volumes inside the villages.

QUIT BUTTON!! Finally they added a permant quit button so you don’t have to wait until a new map reloads.
-LMG accuracy increased, bullet suppression increased at medium range, and bipods added to low weight LMG’s
-Shotgun’s buckshot damage multiplier adjusted to be more consistent
-Mortars require time after being deployed to be accurate which is reflected on the minimap, airburst need to be closer to inflict full 65 damage
-Tripwire bombs, gas and incendiary increased to two to be more lucrative to take vs HE

To read the full update and bug fixes in the new patch feel free to visit the patch notes.

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