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What we know from the announcement of the Playstation 4 Pro and Slim

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Sony had their press conference yesterday finally unveiling their Playstation Neo project and it is now called the Playstation 4 Pro. First however they announced what will be the replacement for the Playstation 4 which is the Playstation 4 Slim.
Breaking down the Playstation 4 Slim it has a storage capacity of 500gb or 1tb (terabite) model, will now feature HDR playback via a firmware patch, have an updated Dualshock 4 controller, will be compatible with all Playstation 4 games and starts at $299. To make a small comparison to the Xbox One S which was released earlier in August that has a 500gb, 1tb and 2tb model, with an updated Xbox One controller and the biggest difference aside it also playing HDR content it has a UHD blu ray player for 4k physical disc. It will release September 15 2016.

The Playstation 4 Pro was their main subject and we’ve learned quite a bit of info on it. It has double the power of the original PS4 with an overclocked CPU, 1tb hard drive out of the box and HDR / 4K support which Netlix and Youtube will support with new apps. They went into detail on how they want higher resolution and HDR to be the focal point for what gamers can expect in the new box. Showing off a few games the range of fidelity in HDR gaming with some of their titles can definitely be seen. They’ve also given developers a choice to scale games how they want to cater to those wanting a high fidelity experience. Whether they want to get as close to 4K as possible in resolution, keep the game at 1080p but have higher anti alias on screen or dynamic scaling from scene to scene. The Playstation Pro will be releasing this year November 10, 2016 for $399.
One huge oversight on all of this is that Sony doesn’t seem to be including a 4K blu-ray player in either of their models or iterations of consoles and as of this point Microsoft already has the Xbox One S with a 4K blu ray player inside for $299? It has been said that they want the focus to be on gaming and what you can get right from the box but we’re not sure if this was ultimately to bring the price down? The Playstation 4 Pro is not a bad deal to get what will be effectively the most powerful console available until the Scorpio will be out next year but for those wanting 4K blu ray the Xbox One S seems to beat the Playstation Slim hands down.

We’ll give you more info on the new consoles as it comes in.

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