Moshi Avanti review: All style

Moshi is known for doing .. well lots of different things. They pride themselves on having very stylish yet affective products. With the Moshi Avanti, their first line of over ear headphones you can definitely tell product design is at the top of this but everything else seems to fall just short of its product design.

The first thing we noticed about the Avanti’s is that they have an angled earcup with a closed back on-ear design for noise isolation and long periods of use. Another thing is the portability of it which has rotatable stainless steel headband so you can pack it nice and tight in its carry case that it comes with. High-resolution HD40 neodymium drivers to deliver high quality sound at such a compact size. The detachable cable with built in remote and microphone will let you control music while taking calls all with the headphones on. All the features outlined can be found below.

High-resolution HD40 neodymium drivers (15 Hz-22kHz / -10dB@1kHz).
Angled earcup design for improved comfort over extended periods.
Closed back, on-ear (supra-aural) design for excellent noise isolation.
Engineered to provide a balanced and immersive sound.
Enhanced portability with a rotatable stainless steel headband and custom carrying case.
Detachable cable with built-in remote and microphone compatible with most phones and tablets.

Moshi Avanti’s seem to perform decent when listening to music normally. It sometimes has a muffled sound on its midrange sound which we weren’t expecting, however if you download the necessary burn-in app it would fine tune them giving you much clearly sound that we find to be very good. Bass was also somewhat challenging to get a read on earlier but after the app it became clear that the bass level was noticeable, just not as heavy as some other headphones we’ve seen.
Comfort level seemed standard, it did better on one end then another. This was in the form of its size and weight which would allow you to wear them for hours since it didn’t feel weighted on your head. However the angled earcup design meant for comfort didn’t sit well on a few peoples ears since their isn’t a hole for your ear in the center. It’s also worth noting that if you have a particularly smaller head then it won’t stay on your head that well either. We’ve find this to be the case on some women’s head but when it fits it fits well.

Bottom line
The Moshi Avanti’s are one of the most stylish headphones we’ve come across, it’s definitely an eye turner and is compact enough to fit most places others can’t. Their is some sacrifice with this amount of style and small form factor but not much. Pricing is around what you get from other headphones of this nature but wished they would get a little more competitive in this respect. As long as you’re not doing things intensive like running or exercising these are great for the everyday commuter or taking it around on travels and otherwise.


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