Huawei watch review: Possibly best overall watch on your wrist

Android watches are nothing new and with the amount of new players that hit the market it’s hard to differentiate one another being it is the same software at the heart. Huawei is a Chinese company known for making pretty impress android phones at competitive prices. They’ve entered the fray with Android watches and have some pretty impressive features under the hood and above it.
It packs a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of space to store music and apps, and Wi-Fi onboard. It has a 400×400-pixel resolution and a 1.4-inch AMOLED display which is protected by sapphire crystals which makes it harder to scratch or break. To put it the watch looks gorgeous off the bat with a nice leather band and can easily be confused with a high end watch. It’s also water and splash resistance but of course like any other device of this nature don’t submerge it in water like a pool.

Unlike other watches like the Moto 360 which has a slight cut off at the bottom of its screen otherwise known as the flat tire and ASUS ZenWatch 2 or Sony SmartWatch 3 which look more like Apple Watches. The Huawei not only looks like a classic watch but looks like a high end one at that. The size measures at 42mm which is the standard size for one although it might be more comfortable for a man versus a women because of that. It also features the quick release to put other kinds of bands on it which certainly takes the stress out of needing a tool to do so.

The watch features a 300 mAh battery which with a always on display and compared to other watches that don’t feature it last surprisingly long. When tested we got it to around a day and a half. We’ve also noticed it has a smart feature where when the watch is not in motion for sometime will go to sleep and activate once it’s moved or an alert comes in. This also helps on the battery longevity before its next charge.
Huawei’s Android watch has a feature or two that separate it from the rest. One which is probably my favorite features is the always on display on default. It’ll display a dim version of the face you have then light in full when you tilt it. Really nice touch to the watch as it gives it a classier look.

Like other Android smart watches its normal function allows connection with your phone which will display what the phone displays as alerts and also stores information like calendar activity. It’s driven by the Android wear app which sincs with either your Android or IOS device. While the watch does have fitness information it is basic and will only allow basic tracking since it’s not meant for activities of that nature.

The watch comes with a small magnetic charge dock that is suppose to align the three pins of the watch with the pins on the dock and is actually difficult to get on their correctly. While the watch has an impressive amount of faces that it can change into, more then I’ve seen in other watches the variety of them is inconsistent. In other watches while it had less faces it had more options which allowed you to change face colors, numbers etc. Huawei didn’t put many options on their faces so what you put is normally how you have to have it.

The watch has certainly dropped in price which has made it competitive against other Android watches since its build quality seems higher. Only issue here is that the watch currently has different face builds like Stainless steel silver, black and gold yet they are all radically priced differently. Example the stainless steel silver is the most affordable with a Black Suture Leather Strap and the black stainless steel only comes with a Black Stainless Steel Link Band to start. The black should also have a affordable black suture leather strap pricing it to the silver giving people more options.

Bottom line
The Huawei smart watch has to be my favorite Android watch that has been released. I absolutely love its look, feel and always on feature. While it doesn’t boast many exclusive or higher end features, what it does have responds very well. Its become my normal wear watch that I can put on everyday or at events with the same amount of head turn every time.



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