Published on June 17th, 2016 | by Rob Kwong

E3 2016: Dead Rising 4 Closer Look, exclusivity + reveal video

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To the surprise of many at the Microsoft press conference on Monday a very familiar franchise popped up having the audience cheer with excitement. Zombies, guns, vehicles, and selfies?… Oh my. That’s right Dead Rising is back with Dead Rising 4 and there’s so much to see, do and yes, Frank is back. If you missed all the tid bits you’re in luck, here’s a recap of what you might have missed.

2 New types of zombies
-Fresh/Newly dead zombies
-Evolved zombies – not your average dead head, apparently these types have had time to change
Zombies can number in the thousands on screen at a time, there’s no specific numbers yet but expect to have a huge kill count.

Warring NPC’s

Survivors inside the game will now go out into the world and wage war against each other with or without your help.

Creating combo’d weapons and vehicles only require blueprints no more work benches!
So far weapons and vehicles that have been seen or talked about:
Candy cane cross bow
Blam bow (Roman candle cross bow)
Electric axe
Parking meters
Xmas ornament bomb guns
Customizeable Exosuits
Fireb breathing triceratops mask
Electrified buggy
Food Cart with a fiery battering ram
Dirt bikes
Zombie launcher car
The game is releasing in December as a timed exclusive for Xbox One (one year) and Windows 10 (90 days) developed by Capcom in partnership with Microsoft. We’ll bring you more info on the game and E3 as we get it. Stay tuned!

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