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Published on June 10th, 2016 | by Rob Kwong


Road to E3 2016: Are you ready for virtual reality?

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Supposedly this is the year for virtual reality. With the announcement of Oculus, project Morpheus now named the Playstation VR, and even the Vive there’s so much hype for virtual reality games and video content but with all these options available do you have what it takes to actually play with a VR system? One of the earliest adopters of the VR system has been cell phones. Whether it be a cheapo Google goggles or the more expensive Samsung Gear VR I feel that the first steps into the VR world did a great job to start gamers and media hungry consumers off to the new world of VR. If you haven’t already I’d highly suggest trying both out when you get the chance, the Google goggles ($15) can be ordered, and the Samsung Gear VR ($100) is in your local Best Buy. Of course both devices require a phone to use so do keep that in before purchasing.

Stepping up the VR game and kicking it to another level is the HTC Vive. Not everyone will be able to get their hands on this set of VR goggles, not because of availability but because of the sheer price tag ($800) and the hardware it takes to run something like this. As of recent they are shipping these almost as soon as you order it but the price is definitely holding people back. The HTC Vive is one of the first VR headsets for the PC that is currently available, with the Oculus Rift ($600) coming out later in August, the Vive will be the first realistic leap into the hardcore realm of VR. Having such an incredible gaming accessory needs an incredible gaming platform. Keep in mind that the Vive’s recommended PC specs even before peripherals like a monitor, mouse, and keyboard costs close to $1000 and in the long run looking at a total cost of $2300 dollars. This is a huge dent into one’s bank account, and this isn’t even including games and content that needs to be purchased through Steam, but the end product of being fully immersed into a game with full motion and range of your body is second to none.
Virtual reality is slowly growing, and a lot of companies are stroking this fire to get the flames ablaze.
Recent rumors have also been circulating that a certain game company is even making a VR game for Xbox One .. what or how any of that is happening with no other info is beyond what we know at the current moment but with E3 literally around the corner everything VR will probably be showcased for most one way or another.

The only thing now is if consumers like you or myself capable or are even ready to take on that financial responsibility to start down the path of virtual reality. I ask you guys to leave some comments because I’d love to see how you guys feel about VR and the future.

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