Published on March 14th, 2016 | by Remy Cuesta


Xbox and Playstation cross-platform play almost imminent!?

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The Game Developers conference is this week and with that will come news across different developers and publishers. One big news right out of the gate is coming from Microsoft. They announced several things in the pipeline but the most notable is the fact they will be enabling their console to have the ability to cross-platform play not only with PC (natively on Windows 10) but also on other consoles. This will be on a dev by dev bases and other consoles would have to agree on there end as well but Microsoft made it clear this is an open invitation.

The first game we will see on a cross platform spectrum is Rocket League which will let Xbox players and PC play with each other. It had been a requested feature for sometime and now it is happening. With how things look at the moment the ball is on Sony’s court if they’d want PS4 games to enable games for cross-platform play with Xbox One, time will tell but this would the biggest thing since slice bread!


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