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Transformers Devastation review: Nostalgic mayhem

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If you’ve been yearning for a Transformers game that will fully let you relive all the memories from the 80’s TV show then this is it. It takes what Transformers War on Cybertron did and expand upon its nostalgic essence. Transformers Devastation takes you back to the old school G1 story before all the action filled Bay movies that are going on. What you get is a fast paced brawler with tons of moves but unfortunately not as much content as we’d like.

The story mode for the game is set on earth and has the AutoBots and Decepticons battling it out for the most destructive power there is. Classic Transformers TV show plot line that brings all your favorites into the fight. Great dialog and cut scenes deliver on what has you engaged while playing the game. The problem lies with this being the only mode the game has to offer. There is no multiplayer or co-op of any kind which leaves us with very few content and replay value when it is all said it done.
Transformers Devastation’s graphic engine is spot on. The attention to detail on all Autobots and Decepticons are great. The story cut-scenes also give you a great 3D show feel we hadn’t had before. I wish I could say the same about the level design. One of the games biggest problems is its bland level work. Most of it is set in the same location and is actually suppose to feel open world but with very narrow spacing and not as big of a map it all feels like you’re going on a loop over and over.

The combat for the game is also where it shines, deep combos let you try different combinations while also presenting a challenge as enemies become increasingly difficult to battle overtime. Combos and moves stem from the ability to transform between regular and vehicle mode which flow pretty well. The one thing we weren’t too intrigued with is the games weapon system. You seem to collect a ton of weapons with different grades and the ability to add things too them but at the end we got a bit lost in it all. It also doesn’t make a vast difference if you’re a skilled player until much deeper in the game.
Transformers Devestation when fired up immediately pulls you into its world making you want to dump many hours into it with what it throws at you in the beginning however that’s all the game has to offer. With a very bland level design, not a strong weapon system and no other modes or options other then the story we felt like the content was a bit dry. The games graphics and combat system is something to behold though and if you’re a Transformers or brawler fan the story will definitely keep you entertained till the end.

Transformers Devastation review: Nostalgic mayhem Remy Cuesta
Gameplay - 76%
Graphics - 90%
Replay Value - 60%

Summary: You can't deny the Generation One Transformers appeal of this game as it's stellar but the game provides very few options to work with to make it truly great.


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