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Indivisible preview

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We have seen many iterations of games come to light throughout the years and many have actually faded away as well. Popular trend games like First Person Shooters, Racers and others will always be amongst them but games like Japanese Role Playing Games seem to be getting lost. I personally am a very big fan of JRPG’s but that market has unfortunately been shrinking by the second. I recently got to try a game at a 505 Games event that looks to be bringing back that JRPG flair with fashion.
Lab Zero has been developing a Action RPG named Indivisible which is like Valkrie Profile and Metroid for the modern age. For those who remember the Enix title Valkrie Profile which was first release for the original Playstation had a combat system like no other game at the time, unfortunately aside a sequel which came out a few years later we hadn’t seen this combat implemented since until now.

Indivisible is about a girl raised by her father in the outskirts of town to be tough and fair-minded. When the town is attacked she discovers she has an extraordinary power. The game has a great art style and that’s in part of it being designed by those that made Skull Girls which is evident.

The gameplay for Indivisible took me by surprise as it showed a lot of promise at such an early stage. Not only was the combat fast paced and ever expanding but the side scrolling world aspect also had ways to use your traversal abilities, and engage monsters differently. In the prototype we played provided by 505 Games we got a glimpse of the abilities and characters that we would gather throughout the adventure of the game which complimented the things going on very well.
The game is actually running on a crowdfunding campaign and is fully supported by 505 Games. If the game reaches 1.5 million then 505 Games will contribute 2 million towards development so every dollar matters, you can find the link here.

Indivisible is already shaping up to be a great adventure and would be released for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. If you need further proof you can actually download the prototype demo on the crowdfunding game right now! We’ll keep you posted on the game and more news as we here it.

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