JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbuds review

The market that is wireless headphones and earbuds is ever growing, some do one thing while others do another. The overall trend is what will get you the most bang for your buck and sound decent to good doing it. While not perfect fortunately these earbuds exceeds on those things and more.

The earbuds comes with a whole pack of things to help make it the perfect fit for you. This includes several gel eartips in which you can see which one fits your ear perfectly, a pouch to hold it all including anything else you’d like and a clip for the earbuds cord. The Epic Bluetooth Earbuds themselves have a small form factor which is great when you compare it to others, the clip that it comes with also help tie the thing together if you’d liked a much shorter when listening to music. It can also be charged by the small usb cable it comes with as well.

When it came down to listening to actual music on this thing it sounded great. Clarity was top notch, bass hit its notes and over quality was smooth. I had everything from MuteMath, Jay Z, Electric Guest and Dubvision going and it all sounded really good. Specifically when listening to something like Broken by Dubvision it performed on the highs and lows with steady bass throughout. The build is pretty sturdy as well, the earbuds have a flex cable that wraps around your ears to keep them secure and in place.


The ultimate workout earbuds? One thing to note is that these are great for working out as it’s a point it does try to make. I’ve taken them on runs through central park and have done cross fit with them along with other various workouts and it once you get a good placement going they stay on very well.

We have run into a few issues with the earbuds which were less then ideal. When paring with an iPhone and making a call it was always clear on the receiving end but sometimes it sounded like I was at a far distance to whoever I was talking too. This kind of makes sense due to the placement of the mic which is close to the right earbud where the controls are. There’s not a great indication on when you’re running low on battery and by the time it warns you have about 3-5minutes to recharge or it dies which is not great when you’re in the middle of a commute or a possible workout. We wish it would let us know when the battery is halfway through so I can remember to charge it if I’m not paying attention to the indicator on the device. Not sure if this is from regular use or not but found that depending on placement and especially when paired with an iPhone the sound would get a bit choppy at times, this seemed to happen if my phone was put into my pocket, like it was enough space and padding that creates interference? Lastly these aren’t really noise canceling and no matter which gel earths I tried I couldn’t get it to fit exactly within my ear, that has more to do with the over bulkiness of the earbuds stem as it blocks the end piece from completely going in my ear so I have to listen to these a bit louder then usual sometimes.
These are a great set of bluetooth earbuds for the quality, it’s durability and being splash guard resistant. Depending on use the price is definitely right especially if they will be used for workouts. We had some minor gripes and some of the issues might be on our end so the fit might range. It comes with everything necessary and more for regular use or working out.



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