Skylanders Trap Team review: To Trap

We’ve had a few years of Skylanders games and toys so we’re no strangers to how this works. That does’t mean something innovative can’t be done every time, which is exactly what’s done here. Like last years Swap Force which allowed you to mix and match various figures from that set, this one brings a whole new element to the table. The whole thing brings more game then it ever has before.
Skylanders Trap Team like the others comes with a game portal, figures and game. The new Trap Team figurines are some of the best in the Skylanders series. Presenting new moves and some that benefit the style of play in the Trap Team game you have some pretty interesting heroes. A tomato tossing plant, an ice dragon and more. All goofy in their own ways but pack some great skills. While not obviously new it should be noted that the level of detail in the figurines themselves are nothing but amazing. Compared to other games and figures of this genre (which it now is) it has the most detail on them every year.

What’s completely new to this game and portal from the others is the ability to trap enemies. You can now trap and play as villains with these little physical jewels called “Shards”. Each one is specific to an element for example water and wind. The game comes with two but if you get each Shard then you can capture and play with 40 or so villains in the game. Each one has their own special moves that can be leveled but is acquired from completing missions unique to the that villain. Something subtle but quite cute is that the game portal has a speaker for when you trap an enemy in a shard. It sounds like they’re actually trapped in the piece advising you to use them.
The game itself has more then previous editions. The inclusions of puzzles, the game itself seems to be bigger and more going on in general. Since you now have the ability to trap enemies the way you engage them in combat is somewhat changed in certain situations. It’s almost like having mini boss fights throughout the game which breaks of the platforming. Game looks crisp, with a rich cartoonish texture while most the character sound fits. One of the unfortunate things was that we still have had abilities added to our older Skylanders figures. We tried to play our nearly maxed out Skylanders Giants and Swap Force characters but nothing new could be added to them.

Overall Skylanders Trap Team innovates more so then the others. The puzzles are more refined, the gameplay mechanic tweaked, new heroes and the ability to now trap villains to use are all great. The game will keep you playing to max your characters by yourself or with a friend which can be played online. It’ll be interesting to see what the add next.


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