Published on October 23rd, 2014 | by Remy Cuesta

Avengers Age of Ultron first teaser trailer first impressions

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The first teaser trailer for Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron has hit the web and this one is going to be a blockbuster of super hero proportion. The heroes teams up yet again for an enemy that can not faced alone but does conflict arise within them as we mildly saw in the first movie?

To give you an update on everything so far the next big movie after this will be Captain America 3 which is seeing one of two names to light “Civil War” or “Fallen Son” both of which are intricate stories in the Marvel timeline. The stories on the web seem to lean towards Civil War, more so that Robert Downy Jr. seems to be close to a deal to be a bigger part of Captain America 3 then once thought. The Civil War story is the division of Marvel Heroes that willing registered themselves as heroes to the US government while others felt it would endanger their lives. Tony Stark (Iron Man) was for this and Captain America was opposed it causing a rift between heroes.

If in this direction would seem to also indicate that the Marvel movies within this story line will also get darker and possibly turned beloved heroes into anti-heroes. Time will tell but we’re ready for whatever Marvel throws at us.


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