CE Week NY roundup part 2: Speakers and sound systems

Speakers and sound systems were bigger then ever at CE Week NY. With some using newer wireless technology, to sound systems bringing a whole new experience to the table, we run through some of our favorites on the show floor that’ll have your music and games sounding great.

Korus Sound Systems had big sounds in a relatively small package. Their V600 Premium Wireless Home Speaker can deliver high quality audio wirelessly through their dongle that plug and plays with multiple devices. If you have an iPhone the best part is that the occupied port for charging has an external slot on the wireless transmitters to connect a charger for zero disturbance. Setting these up in different rooms allows you to connect the same sound through the whole house or different tunes.

The HEOS by Denon was one of the most powerful speakers we’ve seen on the show floor. Denon has years of experience in speakers and receivers so it’s no surprise that the quality of sound coming out of these speakers were pretty rich. If that wasn’t enough they sport wireless technology over wifi. All you have to do is set one, two, three or well over a dozen up to your wifi network for a big stage sound or moods for each room your occupying.

Pioneer brought what’s to be the future of home theater sound. Their new Elite Home Theater system by Kyle Andrews sports new speaker channels that point to the ceiling. This is all for the newest audio format known as Dolby Atmos. What Dolby Atmos does is give you an atmospheric sound experience so that sound comes from above as well as through you. We got a chance to check this out in their sound room and from the little that was played they’re on to something. A rainy scene sounded like the drops were coming from above as well as around. What the Elite speakers do is not only give you sound to you but it will also send sound above to bounce all the ceiling and come down to fill the room to appear as though their is sound from all over.
It should be noted that this can only be achieved through Dolby Atmos compatible receivers which Pioneer is also ready for. Their Elite SC-89, SC-87 and SC-85 Elite receivers will either have Dolby Atmos built in or will be upgradable by the end of the year, not to mention its other features including 4k passthrough, HDMI 2.0 and up conversion.

If we know one thing about aesthetic and home decor and it’s that Libratone seems to want to merge it with their wireless speaker line. It’s easily the most stylish speaker going with any setting of the household. Libratone had their whole line on display from the Loop, Live, Zipp and Lounge. All their speakers feature quick wireless access, airplay, DLNA and interchangeable covers. These have great sound which you might not expect but can also turn heads too.

The MiniVee Subwoofer and headphones were on display sporting a new look. Velodyne has gone to the pleasure of creating new skins for their line of products. Leather wrapping for the subwoofer while the headphone had designer made skins that go over them relatively easy. While we didn’t get a chance to hear anything we do know Velodyne has been in the business a long time and is one of the leaders in subwoofer territory.

While not an actual speaker or headphone maker, they can turn any product with an AUX-in into a wireless speaker. Simply connect it and connect your device where you want the music to stream from through the wifi. It’s pretty easy to do and has a little flare to it as well.

Check out part 3 of our CE Week NY roundup when we get into TV’s and home entertainment. Take your gaming and movies to a whole new level. Find out here.


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