LVLONE E3’14 Ubisoft roundup: Farcry 4, Assassin’s Creed Unity, The Division, and more

Ubisoft came to E3 with guns blazing this year with a ton of games that destined for greatness. The only bad thing about the conference is why can’t we have these games to play right now?!

Ubisoft not only lit the first but doused the wood gasoline with Farcry 4 as their intro game of the conference. The game will take place in a fictional local Kyrat near the Himalayas and will play as Ajay Ghale. A person returning to his birthplace to spread the ashes of his mother that gets caught up in a civil war.  The sick and twisted Pagan Min is introduced and envelopes everything that is expected about the Farcry series. Just be ready to “Tear shit up” with wing suits, rapid fire crossbows, grappling hooks, even elephants. Due November 18th

Just Dance 2015 is back with more than just Pharrel’s Happy. They’re taking the ability to dance with anywhere from 5 of your friends to upwards to 20,000 or more with the free Just Dance Now application. To do so is to just download the application to your mobile phone, and connect it to a large screen device like a computer, tablet, or tv.  Due out October 2014

Tom Clancy’s The Division the next smash hit comes in the form of an aftermath of a biohazard pandemic that was released during Black Friday. You’ll play as an agent of the Division, government trained in secret and released back into the society to awaiting to be activated and called upon to find the source of the attack and bring closure to this chaos. Due out 2015

The Crew is coming world wide. Players from all around will be able to come together to build their cars and run them as hard as they can in an open world from Miami to LA. Just be sure you and your crew keeps their eyes out for other crews that are cruising around as well. People can sign up for the closed beta on July 23rd at The Crew game websiteDue out November 11th

Assassin’s Creed Unity will bring players together in a old way. Taking the game back to the French Revolution you and group of three friends will be able come together to make an impact. Vive la revolution! Due out October 28th

Shape Up is bringing gaming and exercising to everyone’s homes. Time to stop being a lard ass and game hard. Mixing cardio into rhythm based games, Ubisoft will give you the ability to send challenges out to your friends to help get motivated. Due out November 2014

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is bringing story telling, art, and all the feels. To celebrate and remember the 100th anniversary, the puzzle adventure will follow four different characters and their k-9 companion through out their different journeys and tragedies of World War I. Due out June 25th

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege was a surprise at the Ubisoft conference. It’s been six years since the last Rainbow Six game, and from what they showed at the conference this game will not let you down. The new game will be a 5v5 tactical FPS where you can breach doors, walls, and floors with more than just breach charges but with bullets as well. Due out 2015

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