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LVLONE WR: NHL 15 this fall for next gen, X1’s Sunset Overdrive detailed, delayed games and more.

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Release dates, detailed exclusives, delays and more delays! Welcome to another edition of our weekly roundup!

EA announced Monday that NHL 15 will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PS3. This will be the first NHL game that is overhauled running on it’s new Ignite engine and new commentary system. Play models will be new as well as the biggest number for individual crowd models in any spots game EA claims. Look for the game to be release sometime in the fall.

Insomniac Games has finally shed light to their Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive. The game was teased at last years E3 and now we not only have more info but a real look into gameplay. Sunset Overdrive is an open-world third-person action shooter with a crazy art design and array of weaponry. The premise is about a companies Energy drink having a bad batch and turning people into infected zombie like mutants. Your job is the obvious, killing as many as possible and having a ton of fun doing so. It wouldn’t be an Insomniac game without a crazy array of weapons and this game has just that. The game is a little part Jet Set Radio, a little part Crackdown and a little part Rachet and Clank. Check out the video above for a look at the game and what it’s bringing to the table.

This week saw a couple of games being delayed. Dying Light, the new zombie horror game from the Studio that brought you Dead Island has now been delayed to February 2015. Techland has a clear vision for what they expect the game to perform and it needs the extra time to do so. The Elder Scrolls Online also has received a dray on its console releases by at least 6 months. Bethesda has said that it’s been a challenging process as their are things different and unique to to the consoles vs those of the PC and want to correct and get matters right before releasing it. While this last one is not really a delay its more of a shock. Need for Speed after 13 years of annual releases will not be coming out with a game this year. Ghost Games which is EA’s Need for Speed team is working on something new in the franchise and is set for next year. It’s undoubtedly clear that the Need for Speed series has been grinding out title after title with no real innovations between them, hopefully this will be the break they need to find the love back for the game.

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