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Rayman Legends Review

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When Ubisoft released Rayman Origins it wasn’t until people really got to playing it that they saw a work of art. We hadn’t seen platforming like that in quite sometime. With all the characters making a return, this game not only surpasses that of the original in every way but brings the platforming genre to another level.

First thing I should note and is very apparent and that is it’s a beautiful looking game from start to finish and sounds amazing. The art style is some of the best 2D designs we’ve ever seen and everything has a certain grace on how it flows together, almost like it has a live quality to it. Each environment has its own uniqueness.
The many things that Rayman Legends does, it does with almost perfection and it great detail. Stages never feel old or tiresome, and the variety of things to unlock becomes staggering. Everything from creatures that’ll give you currency, new stages, bonus stages, mini games and stages from Rayman Origins. One of our favorite things are the stages that literally play musical notes or songs as you progress in a stage.

One of the more clever things the game has up its arsenal are the intricate boss battles. Their are entirely different set pieces for them and give you a great look at the colorful yet intense art style the game possess. Co-op play, while in the game and is hell of alot of fun when your doing so with friends they have once again opted out of online for this. This might be somewhat do to the fact that it was originally only a Wii-U game so it wasn’t with online play in mind.
For younger kids this is not so much of an issue but for anyone even slightly older getting four friends in a room can sometimes be impossible. They did however place leader board/ghost type challenges that rotate daily.

Rayman Legends does the unthinkable, brings a child like feeling I had when I played platformer’s growing up. That sense of not know what’s ahead and of accomplishment when you get through a difficult part. The unlockables and puzzles are actually ingenious. Not only must any person that like platformer’s play this game but anyone with a pulse will enjoy every minute of this.

Rayman Legends Review Remy Cuesta
Graphrics - 98%
Sound - 90%
Replay Value - 90%



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