Jabra Revo Wireless Review

It’s hard to find a good quality headphone when the market is saturated in them. It’s even harder for a pair of Bluetooth headphones but it looks like Jabra has stepped into the market. Known for their headsets, Jabra’s Revo has had an impressive run but the Revo Wireless looks to take all the glory. Does it stand a chance with other Bluetooth headphone competitors?

The best thing the Revo Wireless has going for it is the design. Sporting a very similar look to Beats Solo’s and wireless, along with their own Revo wired it’s a slick on ear design. Not too big or small and the whole thing has a nice metal to plastic ratio. The memory foam on the ear cups help prolong use as on ear headphones can become uncomfortable quickly. They also become very portable by folding up which many headphones do nowadays, however does it very tightly and neatly.

One of our favorite things on the Revo Wireless was the flush touchpad controls on the outside of the right earpiece. Rotating your finger in a circular motion on it will raise or lower the volume depending on clockwise/counter clockwise. You can also skip or replay a track by double tapping at either ends of the earpiece, while clicking the center will pause it. The cords it comes with one being USB for charging or using it with the computer when you want to listen wired. The other cord is a 3.5mm itself to plug into phones or other devices which can also answer calls. Clicking in the center is also used to answer and hangup phone calls when wired as well.
Here is an overview of everything it comes with
USB plug in for PC and charging
Headphone cord for phone calls and wired use
Headphone pouch
App code

We actually gone through the liberty and test the quality in different mediums to get a sense of what it could and should be used for.

Our testing

When plugged directly into a home theater receiver to watch a blu-ray movie and on the PC we found the to mix quite a bit. There were some good bass explosion sound effects and action scenes were something to note but scenes involving a mix of dialogue and action seem to get somewhat lost with itself.

Testing on several games when hooked up to a Astro 7.1 mixamp we found the sound quality for gaming to be acceptable. Shooters were notably different then others with a sense gunshots sounding like they are right there in front of you. The transfer of sound to other environmental things going on stacks together, not leaving much room for separation.

Probably the best use and best sound you will receive from them. Highs and mids give good bass and enough clarity to enjoy most genres of music.

Overall Performance
We think the Revo Wireless performs great. It is notably better to have it wired then wireless but many people will enjoy the sound right out of the box. When paring with IOS smartphones you can download the Jabra app that they have teamed up with Dobly for. The Dobly Digital Plus will give you access to many cool features. To put it short it’s its own music player with a ton of equalizer options. If used correctly will give you a unique sound for all types of music.
The battery goes through a decent use before having to recharge, giving you warnings to do so. It is rated for 12 hours and when pairing between three different devices stood pretty well to last awhile.

Our biggest complaints is not that surprising overall. The stability when pairing to computers as it would either need several retry’s or inhibited small popping sounds when audio was in use at times. The price at retail is $250 which to us is only slightly high, compared to others we have found these to be a bit more pleasant to use.

With everything factoring in the Revo Wireless gives you plenty of options to play with for all types of use. Above average sound, quality design and its own app for a better music experience, it’s hard to top this. While not the cheapest it offers more then even some of the higher priced wireless headphones.


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