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Deadpool review

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Lets face it, video game adaptions from any kind of series whether it be comic book, movie or book is one of the hardest things to do. Not only does the character/s you have to portray be like its origin but any sort of wrong doing becomes easily scrutinize by the fans that follow it. Deadpool has to be one of the craziest, schizophrenic, homicidal, characters we’ve ever come across in any series and High Moon Studios does a fantastic job of bringing him to life in video game format, unfortunately some of the games charm gets lost in the simplicity of it all.

In a simple approach to breakdown Deadpool as a character he is an anti-hero merc for higher. Experimented on and given Wolverines healing factor but making him insane in the process. One thing is undeniable about this game, is that it’s damn funny! The lines, his antics, and everything in between has made me more then chuckle throughout it. Not to mention that he is fully aware that he is in a video game and wants to make it his game, the ultimate game of all time. On this quest that he has basically penned himself their are a couple of well known X-Men universe cameos like Wolverine and Cable. All of which share their views on Deadpool but also need your help along the way.
There are some very interesting stages in this game. It looks like the team were really having fun making one very outlandish game. From the 8bit over the top Zelda style level to another games styled level which we want to not spoil it’s a game that seems to take these crazy chances in those forms. The game also has a colorful detail and cutscenes really make him standout.

The combat gives you a few toys at your disposal. Some guns, twin sai daggers, katanas and more. All of which can be upgradable with DP points that is acquired during the game. This gives you access to more moves, boosting stats and finishing moves. The playbook from the combat comes out of the Batman Arkham games which should be nothing but positive but it all feels repetitive after awhile and actually a bit loose in its controls as well. Chaining combos together and seeing how high of a number you can get is actually fun to do. Though the guns themselves don’t really feel like they gel all that well with the combat itself. One of its saving graces is the teleportation you have which Deadpool is also known for. In the chaos of combat it is very handy to use and get you out of any situation.

Aside the combat faults we did go ahead and mention some of the crazy stages you might encounter when playing but we can’t help but feel like there’s a whole lot missing here. Stages are linear and very to the point. Their’s not much room for exploration here which hinders on Deadpool’s “don’t give a shit” free spirit. We honestly are not sure why a game like this isn’t just open world as it makes more sense with the combat and all over the place he is.
Deadpool the video game is a crazy but great idea. The execution is met half way with how spot on the made him from the Comic series but the lackluster levels, linear motion and loose combat brings the whole thing down a couple of notches. High Moon brings the character to life in such a way you will seriously laugh out loud, if only the world around him was at such high standards, we would have a really great game on our hands not to mention any form of multiplayer would be greatly welcomed.

Deadpool review Remy Cuesta
Graphics - 74%
Gameplay - 68%
Replay Value - 66%



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