Final Fantasy XIII’s Goods – Lightning through the Games

With each new chapter of the Final Fantasy 13 saga, we have seen the characters go through a lot of changes. So have the designs of the characters’ figures. Let’s take a look at Final Fantasy’s Lightning, shall we?


When the first Final Fantasy 13 game came out, we saw a nicely modeled figure set for Lightning and the rest of the cast. Details were there but not extensively and the colors were bright. They almost reminded me of anime figures from back in the day. These figures appeared more like statues or poseable dolls and just very blocky. Even with some of the characters showing more skin, the areas where the joints moved were very noticeable and just took away from the overall look.


For Final Fantasy 13-2, we saw a new look to our heroine. This time she donned her Valhalla armor. Though smaller than the previous figures, the designers definitely put in a ton of work on this one. It was a beautiful piece to look at and to put in all sorts of ready to fight poses. Her features became softer and her face became more defined. Where there was supposed to be cloth, you could see the texture. You could also see nice details in the feathers. The joints were less noticeable, which was very much appreciated. It’s something you’re going to see often, so why not make it appealing?


And now, we have a much darker and even more detailed figure for the final chapter in the 13 series, Lightning Returns. You get this feeling of be careful what you do, because her face has a genuine look of ready to kick ass. The fabric pieces are sculpted in a way to show movement so no matter what pose she has, it doesn’t appear stiff. Her armor actually resembles armor, more so than her 13-2 version. And my favorite part, is that the joints are not so visible anymore. But like all Square-Enix figures, each comes with different sets of hands for different poses and weapon and shield.

Be sure to look out for more segments like these  in the future, where we look at merchandise of all kinds from any fandom.


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