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Anime Attack: Steins;Gate

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If your into following the progress CERN is making with the LHC (Large hadron collider) then Steins;gate is the anime for you. Adaptation of a visual novel game by 5bp and nitroplus, it deals with quantum theory and time travel. I’ll be frank that this is not a new anime and is actually 2 years old at this point but bare with me. The story follows the “mad” scientist named Rintarō Okabe who, along with his friends manage to invent a microwave that can send text messages into the past. This allows him to travel between alternate worlds and also deals with agents of “SERN.” Be sure to check this out and while not new still ranks up there with the best in my opinion. Also good to hear from you guys on anime that similar in category as this so fire away those comments.

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