Keep Calm and Don’t Rush! Possible save glitch in The Last of Us

If you just picked up your copy of The Last of Us, be sure t0 save often. Some users on several forums are reporting that they’re having trouble with the autosave feature.

What they’re reporting is that while playing, the autosave icon comes on and remains on. Because the icon comes on, the save, load and quit options all are faded and unable to be selected. One person had said there was no choice but to quit to the XMB or turn the console off [and quitting the game] to the XMB caused the console to restart.

As of this writing, it is unclear whether or not there has been a patch released, but until then, players are advised to save continuously in an Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fashion. It is also recommended that players turn off the autosave feature until the patch is released. Some users played for hours only to find their progress was lost.

On the contrary, user PixelOrange reported that “Apparently, the game does save even with this bug. I found a site where the people were saying that the time stamps were all screwed up. If you go to ‘Load Game’ instead of ‘Continue,’ you’ll be able to find and select the correct save point.” It doesn’t hurt to try that out, but gamers should try a test run with it just in case.

Interesting, though. Some of the users seem to have had the game for a while when its release date is today.


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