PS4 games to require PS Vita remote play access

Sony has been playing with the idea of remote play for the Vita as early as E3 2011, with some games having games functioning with it as of now with the PS3. Early in the year the when Sony announced the PS4 they demonstrated remote play with the PS Vita which developers could take advantage of if they wanted too. A report was released today that the functionality looks to be mandatory and that every game should indeed have PS4 remote play with the PS Vita.

While we don’t know the amount of development this adds to a game for PS4, we do know this does help Sony get some Vita’s off shelfs. Nothing is better then your products working and syncing together so it looks to be closing the gap between the two. Remote play will not only allow you to play or resume your game locally from your PS4 to Vita but functions between the two can possibly further enhance the experience like Nintendo Wii U’s gamepad or even Xbox’s Smartglass. We’ll bring you more news on this as it comes in.


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