Resident Evil Revelations Review

Resident Evil has been the pinnacle for survival/zombie horror for well over a decade. Some of our greatest moments comes from times that when looking back is unbelievable how we managed to endure such cheesy and awkward game mechanics. The 3DS version of Resident Evil Revelations took us back to a familiar time where those awkward mechanics from previous games were endearing. The console and PC versions of Resident Evil Revelations bumps of the graphics and technical aspects but loses some flair along the way.

Resident Evil: Revelations fills the gap on some of the storyline and even brings some things together. It never quite makes sense of its self but it somehow doesn’t really matter. Character models look good and can tell they’ve been cared for in the upgrade. The game doe a good job like always of limiting your equipment to conserve ammo, sometimes too good where your running around with nothing. In this game you find yourself scanning areas more often then not which is a new tool in Resident Evil. You basically collect info on dead enemies or find hidden items that give you ammo/herbs.
The game has made tv like episodes as its missions giving you a previous look on whats been going on so far as you get further in the game. The need to go back and get a better rating within the sections becomes compelling as I found myself doing that from time to time. Online play can be fun with friends or done competitively as well. The game is also challenging so be prepared to die quite a bit of times if you obviously not prepared.

Some of the things that plague the very small edition of the 3DS seem to still happen here. When playing the console version we noticed some slowdown when the area was boggling down with enemies which very much happened on the 3DS. We also found it hard to play a game where the fidelity is somewhere between Resident Evil 4-5 yet 4 seemed was a more advanced game. While this isn’t a bad game at all, this counterpart to the original would make anyone believe that it will only expand and make it that much better but everything that could be forgiven on the 3DS doesn’t seem to fly here.
It is good to note that they didn’t leave gamers in the dark by only making a 3DS version if you don’t own one so for fans of the series this is a good one to have. Overall some things could have had better execution. I found myself fighting waves of the same kind of enemies or going down paths the felt the same. All of which are perfectly fine on the 3DS since it looked to have been taking on so much to begin with but could have used an extra coat of paint here.


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