Published on May 22nd, 2013 | by Remy Cuesta

Heavy Gear Assault to be first next generation mech game

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Next generation is all the talk with console unveilings and PC offerings. None of which are actually available at this moment and will only start rolling itself out no sooner then 6 months. Even with that what we’re most likely going to receive are bumped up ports from current generation games. Stompy Bot is making sure that the first next generation mech game goes all out Heavy Gear Assualt. “When we announced Heavy Gear Assault, we really had no idea what aspects would generate the most interest. Having a private crowdfunding campaign before launching a Kickstarter allowed us to really get the feedback we needed to make sure we succeed,” said James Taylor, President of Stompy Bot Productions.

Their upcoming PC mecha game is being developed on Unreal Engine 4 and is seeking support on none other then Kickstarter to raise its funds. They are looking to raise an addition $800,000 after already successfully raising $118,000 through a private crowdfunding efforts. Mektek Studios which are the developers of the game say it will feature next generation destructible environments, focus on creating an amalgamation of destructibility and interactivity. The last part seems to be of full use here as mechs that have been dismembered can actually have their parts picked up to arm yourself with.

The game has some time to go before it meets its goal, let alone releasing the game. They do however promise a beta which will take place before it. Support their Kickstarter here and for more detail visit: here.

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