New life size Mass Effect 3 weapons available for pre-order

Have you ever wanted a piece of the Mass Effect series? Well you’ll be able to get ahold of some of the guns that possibly got you through the game itself. Three new guns are available for pre-order today. The bottom press release reads

Triforce is pleased to announce that our 1:1 Scale Replicas of the Mass Effect 3 M-6 Carnifex Pistol, M-77 Paladin Pistol and The Geth Pulse Rifle will be available for pre-order beginning today, Thursday, April  25th.  The Replicas are masterfully sculpted and painted by the artisans at TriForce.  Intricately crafted and cast in polystone, the M-6 Carnifex & M-77 Paladin measure 12.5 inches in length and weigh in at 7 pounds each.  The Geth Pulse Rifle measures 33 inches in length and weighs 20 pounds.  All three replicas feature working LED effects.  Own these authentic pieces of videogame history as part of a Limited Edition worldwide runs.  The M-6 Carnifex (500 units worldwide) & M-77 Paladin (200 units worldwide) will retail for $400 and are scheduled to ship in the 3rd Quarter of 2013.  The Geth Pulse Rifle (500 units world wide) will retail for $750 and is scheduled to ship in the 1st Quarter of 2014.  Pre-Order today at “


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