3DS redesign unveiled, larger screens, Circle Pad sold separate

The Nintendo 3DS is making another hit in the market, and this time, it’s going to be big.

Nintendo has revealed a new design for the 3DS that will have 90 percent larger screens and is dubbed the Nintendo 3DS XL. The system is street dated for August 19 (compared to a July 28 date for Europe), same as the New Super Mario Bros. 2. Starting price has been set at $199. Away goes the glossy, candy-esque paint job we’re used to and in will come in, launch day, DS Lite-esque blue and red colors.. For those curious about how this will size up with the original, here’s a comparison picture.

Only a couple of cons come with the new design. In addition to the system being larger than the previous model (a gift and a curse), the new model is reportedly not shipping with a power adapter in non-US models “as a money-saving measure,” according to Joystiq. There is no definitive word on whether or not the system will be shipping with a power adapter for the US model, but as it seems, they may be shipped powerless.

Now, with that out of the way, gamers can clearly see there is a lack of a second Circle Pad on the handheld. This is due to Nintendo officially announcing the second Circle Pad will come in the form of a 3DS XL-sized Circle Pad Pro. Already large enough, the system will become even larger with this accessory. Leaving out a mandatory second pad allows for gamers to use the pad at their leisure, should they choose to purchase it. No street date has been set for this accessory.

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