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Starhawk Review

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Sometimes a game can catch you by surprise. Certain elements make it stand out in way where you actually say “holy crap”. As we are really coming down to the life line of this generations consoles we’ve been getting sequels and prequels at every turn. This sequel however adds a new element which changes the entire game for the better. While it doesn’t excel the best in all area’s, Starhawk is one of those games that brings you a blend of different styles of play in one formula done very well.

This isn’t your typical third person action shooter. While running, gunning and vehicle fights are what you do, it’s how you go about doing it that’s important. Even that statement I should explain further it’s how you go about making the things your going to do it with. Starhawk has a RTS (Real Time Strategy) element to it which allows players to call upon several infantry, vehicle and artillery posts to use in the stage. In other words you build and fight your way to victory.

I want to note that the games biggest downfall is the single player campaign. It’s not much of a campaign as it is a giant tutorial with cutscenes on how to play for multiplayer. You play as Emmett Graves, a man infected by Rift energy. The disease should turn him into any other person infected, violent and uncontrollable but has resisted that urge. Outlawed and on his quest he discovers who leads these creatures in a war against humans, his brother. While you can tackle stages in different ways the story itself gets a bit lost as everything seems to move really fast. Half the time I felt like I had missed something.

With that said the main focus isn’t the single player but on the addicting multiplayer. The game does it real well and has a couple of modes to choose from. Co-op will allow you to play a horde style type with your friends (up to four others), going through waves of enemies until you are defeated or they are. The rest of the game types are pretty standard but what isn’t is the amount of people that can play. Up to 32 players can be on these massive maps which can feel like a huge war full of flying hawks, tanks, bikes and straight up running n gunning.

The amount of people, types of vehicles and huge stages changes every kind of game type for a deeper team experience. This is also followed by some incredible sound design. This game has some of the best sounds of any multiplayer game I’ve ever seen. Planes being shot out of the sky to lasers coming out of the powerful torrents all really come to life here. Customization for your character and even vehicles can be done through XP earned.

Starhawk is one of the deepest multiplayer games we’ve seen yet. It succeeds it’s predecessor in every way and puts depth in a game where little existed. Gorgeous graphics in such a fast pace and furious world with almost no slowdown. The combination is great and makes every game type last a long time. One of the best exclusives of the year.

Starhawk Review Remy Cuesta
Graphics - 90%
Sound - 86%
Replay Value - 90%

Summary: Story is forgettable but it has great graphics, sound and intense multiplayer


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