Black Eyed Peas Experience (Kinect) Review

With all the dance games hitting every major console, it looks like this new trend has only just begun. The Black Eyed Peas Experience is not all more of the same however. It takes a little bit of what we know about previous dance games and gives us some what of a different experience. What you get is a pretty decent package, if your a Black Eyed Peas fan that is.

The presentation for dance moves in all the dance games in the past have been through images with arrows that show the next available move that you will need to perform. This game does it a little bit differently. A timer with a silhouette of the next dance move you should be preparing for is shown at the top of the screen which gives you great transitioning during play. not only does it make it easier to get in to but it also makes party play more fun.

The play lists for the game is made up of the Black Eyed Peas official albums throughout their entire career. A few from each album was selected, most of which are top singles which have been great. The Peas are sort of like a chameleon group. They change their type of music what seems to be in the now of that time and it’s proof in the game as the album goes from hip hop to dance.

The career mode is standard, as you can make a player that will prove themselves to the Black Eyed Peas through various dancers from club to club. The set is not a bad one however similar to Dance Centrals “Break it Down” mode they break the song it sections by 3-4 dance moves. However where this takes a bad turn is the games need to make you not only learn the 3-4 dance steps separately but makes you feel the need to perform it over and over again through the entire song. This has you playing one song 3-4 times before you get to perform the song with all the dance moves in which your pretty much sick of the song once you finally complete it.

Another cool aspect is the ability to string moves that are in the game together to make your own dance sequence. A good way to challenge yourself, friends or get a kick ass routine going. It doesn’t hurt that the dance moves are actually really good, but they can kind of range on the medium to difficult route, even if the song says casual. Many would agree that the Black Eyed Peas in the past couple of years have had a poppy dance theme to them. Not everyone is into that, especially all the time so for some this game is good in doses and if your not a fan then this won’t help you at all.

The Black Eyed Peas Experience gets a lot of things right. While the catalog of music isn’t as extensively influential as Michael Jackson, they have been in the game for a long time and is great to reminisce over past songs. The different “next move” system, good dance moves, easy pick up and play make the game really accessible to all. Those looking to “Start the Party” will find all they need here.


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