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Weekend MLG Wrap Up

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This weekend I got the chance to head out to Providence’s Convention Center to check out Major League Gaming competition, and I must say… It was AMAZING!!!! Four games were played over the weekend, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops for the Playstation 3, Halo: Reach for Xbox 360, and League of Legends. Each game has had their all stars come out in force, from veteran Reach player Tsquared to Korean Starcraft 2 player QIMMVP, League of Legends team Solo Mid to Black Ops team Quantic Next Threat. Each and every game that was played this weekend was played filled with emotion. With every mouse click, R1, and R trigger pushed teams were slowly whittled down to the final four, then eventually finals. All the teams and individual players did great, each dog has it’s day and some of them may have had off days, but to be able to compete on the pro level and handle the stress from the event is what makes the major leagues. Check below for the round up of each game’s champions.
The highlight of my weekend had to have been when I got to watch a close friend of mine, Adrenaline, Tsquared, Merkage, and Toxic from Str8 Rippin. After a quick scrimmage the team stayed after watching game footage and going through mistakes that were made. Tsquared with so many years of experience went through each clip slowly putting game theory into play and feeding tactics to his team. Where to move, what to do, what to look for, and how to adjust. Live streams of MLG won’t be able to give you that kind of depth of how a team really works, but for me to be able to see the breakdowns of not just players but game play will definitely be something I’ll be taking away from MLG Providence, along with some really great schwag like a MLG Hoodie with my gamer tag on the back! Stay tuned because I’ll be updating soon with some pictures from the event!

Halo: Reach Classic All Stars:
Team East Wins
Starcraft 2: 20th Seed FXOLeenock
Halo Reach: 1st Seed Instinct
League Of Legends: Team Solo Mid
Black Ops: 7th Seed Quantic Next Threat

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