Grand Theft Auto V

After a four year hiatus, Rockstar has revealed a new title for the next chapter in the series, Grand Theft Auto V (or five, it isn’t clear whether the numeral or the word will be used in the official title).

There isn’t any detail as to where this installment is going to be based or who the main character will be, but GTA fans can be sure that there will be another game in the series. All there is to go by is the Rockstar main website, and the game’s logo. The logo is accompanied by the date of the game’s trailer’s release, November 2. The last installment, Grand Theft Auto IV, features Niko Bellic, a war veteran who escaped from Eastern Europe to live in Liberty City.

Two expansion packs, The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned, were later released in 2009 on the Xbox 360 (2010 for the Playstation 3 and Windows). After initially being released as a digital download, the games were released on-disc as Grand Theft Auto: Episodes of Liberty City, then later released with the original game to form Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition.

According to V3, GTA: IV, which hit store shelves on May 13, 2008, posted the “best ever single-day and seven-day sales totals” for its time. The game, according to a New York Times report, the game hit $500 million in its first-week sales, selling six million copies in the first week, 3.6 million of them coming on the first day.

Gamasutra has reported GTA: IV has reached 21.5 million units shipped. Out of those, how many were sold…



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