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Published on May 31st, 2011 | by Rob Kwong


Preview: Call of Duty Elite

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There’s been a lot of speculation of what Call of Duty: Elite was and what it would be. We’ll some information was just released about the beginning stages of what Elite will be. Think of Elite as your online portal that combines Facebook with in-depth detail of stat tracking and mix in a little sliver of YouTube. Elite will give players the option to look deeper into their play style with the stat trackers that’ll be available online and on mobile devices, but that’s just the surface.

Elite want’s to join players from all consoles and across the world into one big community site. Starting with Black Ops, Elite plans on joining all future Call of Duty games (including Modern Warefare 3) onto the Elite service. To have players come together, the Elite service will offer the ability to create groups, and find players that have the similar play style and interests that you prefer. Including things not related to FPS games like, liking dogs or cats, or even enjoying certain types of foods. Along with all the community oriented options, Elite will offer players the ability to upload game clips directly to YouTube.

Elite will offer players who put their time and effort into the Call of Duty universe rewards. So far there hasn’t been any mentions or guaranteed paid service or subscription service for Elite yet, but this option may be something that Elite will add to the site. So far Elite has been one of the closest things in North America that is dedicated to it’s players, and will give it’s players and organized way to connect and expand the gaming community outside of Facebook and gaming forums. For some reason or another I, myself am kinda excited about Elite subscription or not.

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