Tales of Graces F Finally Comes to the US!

Many long-time American fans, such as myself, of the Tales series have played a good number of the Tales games, including Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Legendia and even Tales of Phantasia. But there has always been a little problem that not all of the Tales games would ever see American shores unless it was translated by fans. We hoped that the same would not happen to Namco-Bandai’s latest, Tales of Graces F. And our wishes were heard.

The latest installment of the Tales games is about Asbel, a young man and son to the feudal lord Aston on the planet Efinea. Efinea is a world that is ruled by one kingdom out of three- Windol, Strata and Fendel. In Windol, where Asbel lives, he has always wanted to become a knight and even began going to a knight’s academy in his younger years. But after a certain incident and the world needed a new king, Asbel had to give up this dream and tend to other important matters.

The game received great reviews in Japan on its Wii version and will be arriving to the US at the end of this year for the PS3. As you can see by the picture above, it has really beautiful art. But can you expect any less of a great story and really gorgeous art from a Tales game?



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Graphics are nice but give me story! >:O


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