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Published on April 21st, 2011 | by Aykut D.


Super Monkey Ball 3D Review

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The Super Monkey Ball series is known for giving players a fun puzzle experience with several mini games. The previous games have been on the Gamecube and Wii and now Super Monkey Ball is on the 3DS.

Super Monkey Ball 3D is one of the launch games for the 3DS, the main part of the game Monkey Ball is a puzzle game where you move your monkey through levels. The game starts off easy but gets difficult towards the end, there are about 80 levels in total, and though that might sound like it is shorter than previous games.

The two mini games in Super Monkey Ball 3D are Monkey Race and Monkey Fight. Monkey Race is a basic kart racing game similar to Mario Kart. Players drive around courses while collecting items, it’s a decent game but by itself it doesn’t offer much. The physics in the game feel off, it’s not bad but it is noticeable. Monkey Fight is a basic fighting game like Super Smash Bros. but not at all as good as it, the fighting is a very basic style and just comes across as boring.

The graphics are average, it looks very similar to the Gamecube and Wii games which is good, the environments are colorful and have plenty of style to them. The graphics aren’t the strongest in the 3DS launch games but they aren’t bad either. The sound is also average the music is a typical cutesy style, and the sound effects are basic. There’s a few sounds from the monkeys and the environment but like the graphics its not very strong but not bad either.

The 3D effect in Super Monkey Ball 3D is pretty good if you play around with the 3D slider until you find what’s best for you. The 3D effect does look good but it can get distracting during the main game Monkey Ball because environment is moving so much.

Overall Super Monkey Ball 3D is an average 3DS game, it’s not bad but the game is very basic. The main game Monkey Ball isn’t very long and the mini games aren’t very interesting. It’s a safe game to buy for younger kids but gamers who are looking for game that has more to should try another game.

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Overall = 7.0

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