PSN Network Bringin’ It Back Old School – Threads of Fate

Threads of Fate

Not many people know about this little gem from Square back during the RPG release boom in the late 90’s. This was during the time of games like Chrono Cross and Legend of Mana, so unless you were a hardcore RPG fan, it was easily missed. But luckily, PSN Network has decided to re-release it for North American fans sometime this year. Also known as Dewprism, Threads of Fate is a story about two characters both playable, Mint and Rue, both on the hunt for the same thing but for different reasons.

Threads of Fate is an awesome, little RPG that allows you to have different plots and endings. There are tons of mini-games as well as dungeons to venture through. In Threads of Fate characters are able to transform into the monsters you have fought, and are capable of mix and matching spells. Square is giving everyone the chance to take part in the story again, or experience it for the first time, thanks to the PSN Network and see just how great some of the lesser-known games are.


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Graphics are nice but give me story! >:O


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