Final Fantasy XIII-2 Update!

Lightning FFXIII-2

As most Final Fantasy fans know by now, XIII-2 is indeed real and it will feature Lightning and at least one new character. It was confirmed that it would come out for North America in 2012, a year after Japan gets it. However, that has changed and it looks like we will be able to get it towards the end of 2011, which is definitely great news! Also, the game’s story is to take place right after the original game and the little novelas in between. These little stories go into more detail on the personal lives of the group of heroes and give players a deeper relationship with each character. XIII-2 will actually pick up where the novellas left off and will actually tell us if Lightning really is happy, which is what most people thought about at the end of FFXIII.

XIII-2 will actually have a darker tone than the original game and unlike X-2 where everything changed and became bubbly and happy, the returning characters and the story of XIII-2 will not. Expect to meet new characters in XIII-2, other than the one that was shown in the teaser. For those that would like to know a little more about the novellas, please check out Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero. That’s all for now so be on the lookout for more updates as we get them!



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Graphics are nice but give me story! >:O


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