Two Worlds 2 Review

Two Worlds 2 is game that had a lot of promise when announced, the original had a lot of interesting ideas but several issues caused it to be a below average game. Now Two Worlds 2 looks to fix the problems of the original while adding in some improvements.

Two Worlds 2 is a fantasy action RPG, the story and setting is pretty standard. Nothing about the overall plot will really jump out at players, it’s mostly just to setup the game and it does it good enough.

The graphics are one of the best parts of Two Worlds 2, the environments look very detailed and have plenty of nice effects. The characters also look pretty good. However the animation are not quite good, the way the character swings his weapon, and enemies move around awkwardly. The bad animation is present through a good amount of the game so it will get noticeable by almost anyone playing the game.

The gameplay has some issues too, for example the left trigger is used for many different things like running, and aiming. It can get confusing when you start doing actions that you weren’t trying to do. The actual gameplay itself is standard action, players will travel through many different locations fighting a variety of enemies with many different weapons and magic.

The audio in the game is mixed, the music is actually really good and always fits the mood of the setting your in. The music also has a range of tracks that are very typical fantasy type music but done very well and is one of the game’s best parts. However the voice acting is not very good, the acting is sometimes monotone and boring and sometimes is overly dramatic, either way the voice acting is not very high quality.

The multiplayer aspect of Two Worlds 2 is a very strong point, the game almost becomes an MMO so there are a lot of possibilities, players can fight each other, go on a multiplayer campaign and can play the village builder game where they can create their own town. Overall if you have someone that you’ll work well with in an MMO you’ll probably have some fun with this game however the issues that are in the single player game are also in the multiplayer game too.

There a few other aspects of Two Worlds 2 that come up with low quality, the game at times becomes extremely difficult for no reason and can get very frustrating, players will have to repeat missions several times until they actually complete one.

Overall Two Worlds 2 has several good qualities to it like the multiplayer but there are just too many aspects of the game that have issues. If you really need to play a fantasy game, or if you have a friend that will play the multiplayer game then Two Worlds 2 is a solid game.

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Overall = 7.0


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