PAX EAST 2011 Around the Corner

PAX East 2011 is right around the corner. Being held in Boston on March 11-13th there’ll be plenty to see and play. Over the years PAX has grown into a huge phenomenon being one of the biggest conventions in gaming, opened to the public. Let us know some of the games you want to hear about or extensive coverage on? We be there first hand to get the skinny on what’s to come. If any of our viewers are attending say hi, who knows we might just be giving away a prize package to one of you.



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Rob Kwong
Rob Kwong
[Managing Editor] Managing editor for LVLONE News, Here to bring you information on all your PC hardware, conventions, anime, and gaming needs. Love playing first person shooters, whether it be the new Call of Duty, Valorant, or Overwatch. From time to time you'll catch me playing some Team Fight Tactics or some indie games to take a breather from all the FPS games.


  1. Any street fighter tourney? Or any other competition ? Not that I’m any good but I love competition. Isn’t that why they make games.

  2. I’m sure there will be many different tournaments going on all around PAX East and also at the hotels surrounding it. I do know tournaments will include console, board, dice, and card games. If you’re willing, bring your controller(s), cards, dice, cosplay costumes, and everything else because I’m sure PAX East will be fun.

    So far I do know there will be a Pokemon Tournament where qualifications are you need to travel around the show floor defeating “Trainers” in a DS battle (HG/SS only) to get their badges. After all the badges are collected you get to challenge the elite four and possibly a champion. All champions get to play in a tournament on the last day.


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