Review: Dead Nation

What’s the holiday season without zombies? Well not fun of course. We all know Dead Nation came out a little while ago, but with all these block buster games flying around I finally decided to take a breather and play something different. Something that would give me a break from all the rage quits of Black Ops or strains of leveling up the correct route in New Vegas. Unfortunately I was wrong, Dead Nation was everything but calm, but then again when was anything that included zombies ever calm?

Dead Nation copies the old school, top down, trigger finger friendly shooter with zombies added into the fray. Zombies seem to be what’s hip nowadays, sorta like you know that Youtube thing. Housemarque and Sony Computer Entertainment has created a beautiful chaos. Levels are detailed enough to show that the zombie apocalypse has taken place. Abandoned buildings, broken down cars, and devastation are scattered throughout each dark and gloomy level, along with great lighting effects from flashlights, flares, and molotovs that radiate brilliantly. In the game you either play as Jack McReady or Scarlet Blake, two of the rarest people who are immune to the zombie virus. You’ll blast and smash through ten levels of zombies spanning from infested hospitals, roof tops, and graveyards all the while picking up armor and earning loot to purchase and upgrade different types of weapons.

Controls in the game took a little time to get used to. Move with the left aim with the right simple enough, but mix in L1 as use item, L2 as dash, R1 as fire, and R2 to melee then comes the button mashing with at least 4 fingers all at the same time, oh and did I mention that R3 was for reloading? As hordes and hordes of zombies rush at you, finger fatigue will be at it’s greatest. Hand cramps will most likely happen if you’re playing on the harder difficulties, trust me, take it from experience.

Whether you play solo or co-op, games are always challenging. For solo games you can play at your own pace, while co-op you’re either pulled and dragged along the complete opposite direction because of the limited oval shaped battle area. In all honesty though, co-op is the only real way to play this game. There’s nothing better than the feeling of having your back up shoot a rocket launcher and blowing you up to smithereens or lighting you on fire with the flamethrower. Online leaderboards from around the world gives each country a goal to shoot for based on time of completion, zombies killed, money gained, and difficulty of level. Surprisingly North America is not in first place, our friends over in Finland are currently taking the gold. I guess Finland has a greater love of killing zombies than North America.

All in all Dead Nation is a great game, and for a $15 price tag it’s pretty worth it. Plenty of replay value with multiple difficulties to keep your eyes glued to the screen. The nation is calling, and the dead need to be put down, so why not download a copy and help me put North America in first place.

Overall = 8.1

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