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Published on December 14th, 2010 | by Jonathan Lane


Mortal Kombat Release Date, Kollector’s Edition and Surprise Guest

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The latest Mortal Kombat for the Xbox 360 and PS3 will be available in April. Scorpion, Sub-Zero and the gang will be there and the game will also offer DLC. Depending on the retailer you go to, you’ll get exclusive pre-order content. Mortal Kombat will have a collectors edition available as well dubbed Kollector’s Edition. The Kollector’s Edition will include the game, Scorpion, Sub-Zero figurines, art book, Klassic Mortal Combat costumes and Avatar costumes. There will also be a Tourament Edition making its rounds however it will be limited since only 20,000 will be in North America. This version will include an Arcade Stick and DLC.

Plus as extra an bonus, our good friend Kratos will be joining the fun too, exclusive for the PS3 which was announced at the 2010 VGA’s over the weekend. Nothing has been announced for the Xbox 360 version as of now but will it even get an exclusive character?.

The exclusive Pre-order DLC for each retailer are as follows,

GameStop: Klassic Scorpion Playable Character Skin and the original Scorpion Fatality. 

Best Buy: Klassic Sub-Zero Playable Character Skin and the original Sub-Zero Fatality. 

Amazon: Klassic Reptile Playable Character Skin and the original Reptile Fatality.

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