Sonic Colors Review

Sonic has been on a slow road to recovery in past year, when plans we’re made to bring Sonic back to his 2D roots fans hoped for the best. However Sonic Colors might just be taking a bigger step in the right direction than Sonic 4 episode 1.

Sonic Colors was relatively quiet until it was released a few weeks ago. The game was shown at several events and was talked about a little, however it was easy to ignore the game because at first glance it looked like the other below average 3D sonic games. However Sonic Colors is easily one of the better Sonic games to be released in the last few years.

The story is a very random one, and obviously only exists to setup the game, Sonic finds himself in a space amusement park made by Dr. Robotnik, yes I’m going to call him that, and it’s up to Sonic to figure out what the villain is up to. The story is actually not as bad as the past few Sonic games but unfortunately it’s still close to their annoying level. Either way the story is hardly ever important in a Sonic especially this one.

Sonic Color’s main strength is it’s gameplay as it should be and this title definitely makes a strong attempt. The main addition to the overall Sonic gameplay are Wisps, each one gives Sonic power for some time and each one gives a unique twist in the game. Sonic Color’s is both a 3D and 2D game so there is plenty of variety in the basic platforming as well. Both 3D and 2D parts of the game play relatively well, the 2D is similar to what you would expect from a 2D Sonic game, and the 3D parts focus more on Sonic’s speed. It’s a good balance and plays well even though it might not impress it’s at least done correct which is saying enough for a Sonic game on the Wii.

The graphics and audio are all around average, the levels are really colorfully and have a nice design to them. Although not technically a high powered graphic game it still looks really nice for a Wii game. The audio is similar, the music is catchy and as with most Sonic games done well, unfortunately the funny sounding voice overs are done in Sonic Colors as well.

Overall Sonic Colors is one of the better Sonic games in the past several years, it’s an amazing game but it’s no where near the level of the past few titles in the series. Some parts of the game are actually done really well and might even surprise those who think Sonic Colors is just another below average title for the Wii. If you’ve been waiting for a decent Sonic game then Sonic Colors is worth a look.

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Overall = 7.6

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