The Fantasy Has Yet to be Final: A Look at the latest in Final Fantasy

In 1987, no one, not even creator Hironobu Sakaguchi himself foresaw the series last as long as it has. In one last attempt to save the company, Square as it was named at the time, from the impending doom of bankruptcy, “Final Fantasy” was born. Since its birth in the late 80s, the series has spawned over 13 games on more than 5 platforms, including an online MMO for the PC! Not many companies have been able to mount that achievement on their wall.

Final Fantasy is a series about magic and wizardry, knights in shining armor and airships from the future. It covers themes like betrayal, courage, and one of the biggest, love. Each game is a brand new story with all new casts and each world introduced is vastly different from the one before it.

The original Final Fantasy takes us to an alternate world where evil is trying to destroy everything in its path and allow the darkness to consume all that is good. This evil group is known as the Four Elemental Fiends. The player, takes on the role as one of the Light Warriors, the only group that can withstand this darkness. As it becomes a test of courage and strength of good vs. evil, the player must befriend characters and join forces using magic and sword to make things right once more.

Now, with their second MMO release, Square-Enix (as it is now called) has just introduced Final Fantasy XIV Online. The company as a whole, has become so confident in their games, they knew they could create an MMO that would be just as successful as one of their main storylines.

The latest Final Fantasy installment hit store shelves in Japan, the States and in Europe in September 2010 for Windows and will appear for the PS3 early next year. So where does the series take us this time? The place: Eorzea, made up of many different nations, and constantly in civil war. Suddenly, a new common foe appears and threatens this way of life for Eorzea. The Garlean Empire. Now the nations are forced to work together if the Empire decides to move in on their territory as an unwanted guest. But the battle never happened. So what are a bunch of soldiers and mercs to do? Join a guild of course! And that’s where the player becomes the Adventurer.

Seems like the series has come a long way since the first game. I am actually looking forward to trying out this game. I didn’t care much for XII but that game continues to grow with membership and expansion packs. However Final Fantasy XIV has shown great promise.

So please do us a favor, Mr. Sakaguchi. Keep on dreaming up those fantasies.


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