Alien Breed 2: Assault Review

The sequel to Alien Breed Evolution, released a few months ago is now on XBLA and PSN. The series is actually inspired by the original games that were released in 1991. A relatively straight forward action game Alien Breed 2: Assault sticks with the series formula, but is it enough to stand out from crowd of XBLA and PSN games?

The basics of Alien Breed 2: Evolution will be familiar to anyone who’s played almost any action shooter on XBLA or PSN. Players control a space marine that is trapped on a spaceship, the objective is almost completely just to shoot any aliens that get in your way. The game comes in a handful of chapters that have players go through swarms of aliens as they make their way to the finish.

Gameplay in Alien Breed 2 is about as simple as any other action shooter, left stick is to move around, right stick is to aim and trigger is to shoot. The game has some variations to it, there are several different kinds of weapons and items to get that will help you as you make your way through the levels. Players can also melee enemies that are close and can also sprint. Also players can collect credits to buy and upgrade weapons, which makes things easier as the swarm of aliens are fairly relentless.

The graphics are nice to look at from a technical point of view however the environments themselves have been done many times, most of the game is spent walking through small corridors and other familiar spaceship settings. The audio is equally generic as most of the sounds in the game are from the insect noises made from the aliens, the weapons sound like the usual weapons in any game and environment also makes sounds like any spaceship in a game.

Overall Alien Breed 2: Assault is a straight forward game, if you like action shooters with a scifi setting then this is your game, for everyone else there is little here to convince them to play.

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Overall = 7.5


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