PS3 Eagle Eye Adapter Review

Tired of feeling like you aren’t lining up those headshots as accurate as you want? Are you a PC gamer finding it hard to adjust to dual analog sticks? Well then Penguin has the solution for you. They have created the Eagle Eye Adapter for the PS3 which will allow you to play with a USB keyboard and mouse directly into the console. The companies claim is that you will “Aim Better, Move Faster, and Ownage Never Comes Easier,” so is this true? Not without hiccups and wait times.

The Eagle Eye Adapter’s hub takes a bit of processing before you actual get to play with the device. Plug and Play this is not, you will first need to install the software from the disc they provide you with onto your PC. Depending on the operating system it may take a couple of tries to get the program up and running correctly. Once open all the keys of a USB keyboard and left/right clicks on a mouse can be configured onto the device on two separate key maps but the disc also provides a set for you. Once done you can now plug in the device on the PS3 for use in your game and thats it.

The games that this is actually intended for are FPS like Call of Duty but prepare to go back and forth on settings to get everything you want correctly. Changing the sensitivity in-game for the mouse, which takes control of the right analog stick is essential. We managed to play Modern Warfare 2 and KillZone 2 which offered different experiences. While COD: Modern Warfare 2 handled extraordinary at times, KillZone 2 seemed to move slow and we never fully got the hang of using it with the game. The perfect thing about the Eagle Eye Adapter is the fact that you get to place any button on any key you want for the ultimate setup. The adapter also sports turbo options for all the buttons for any kind of occasion you may have.

Their are a couple of things you might want to note down before claiming this as the ultimate FPS configuration for a console. First since you have to plug this into a computer before use, well you will need to actually have one, any new machine comes with a USB keyboard and mouse, while old machines won’t. Second if you only own Macs then this won’t work for you. If by chance you have Windows running on Bootcamp or Parallel Desktops it’ll only get you halfway since we’ve found that device will not read a USB keyboard or mouse from a Mac which is very strange. Third is most people don’t have an ideal setup for a mouse and keyboard in their gaming section, you will probably have to move some stuff around or get an extra table with a mouse pad handy to get this going.

So is the Eagle Eye Adapter for everyone? No. Does it work as advertised? For the most part. While there are quite a good amount of FPS’s on PS3, we all know that the PS3 controller is not optimal for FPS’s as it stands. Making this device king when equipped correctly. This will let players pull off shots and stunts they only imagined on a console. For $59.99 we think its a little pricey since we believe a quarter of those wanting the device will probably dig in their pockets a bit deeper for another new item they may need. However if your an active FPS player, you may not want to miss out on this.


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