Level Cap Raised for Boarderlands Update Plus DLC info

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford told an audience at PAX live, that the new level cap will be raised and the game will go through some rebalancing. It will not be available through the latest DLC that will be released but from a free title update instead. The choice was not a delicate one as the “General Knox” DLC already did a 11 point raise which people paid for. So the new level cap will go from 61 to 69 and will be released sometime around the Boarderlands Game Of The Year Edition which is scheduled for in October.

Before all of that the latest expansion for Boarderlands will release entitled Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution. So if you’ve played Boarderlands you’ll about the infamous Ninja Assassin Claptrap that is talked about, well this game will let you go face to face with it. The DLC will include 20 new missions, more for your arsenal including more backpack slots, items, skill points and Modded Claptrap beasts. It will be priced at $10 across all platforms and is said to release sometime in September. So it seems Boarderlands still has some fight in it only a year later, here’s hoping they got big plans moving onward.


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