Alan Wake: The Signal Review

Alan Wake is one of the more unique games to be released on the Xbox 360 this year, and when the game was released in April anyone who bought the game new got an extra code to download free DLC in the form of a new “episode”. The episode is now available for download, titled “The Signal” the new chapter in the story follows Alan Wake right after the end of the last episode, and although not much is answered it is still nice to control Alan again as he searches for answers.

As the episode starts off with Alan as he begins to lose his footing in reality, and as the episode goes on you clearly realize that things are getting even more crazy this time. Without spoiling too much of the story Alan revisits several of the places he’s been to in the game but in a very different way. The story doesn’t add a whole lot to the overall story but it still adds a new dimension to it that fans of the game are going to want to see.

The gameplay is still the same as the orignal game except now there are more objects Alan can use in the enviornment to fight enemies. Other than the environment tools not much else is added to the gameplay, but then again the mechanics of the controls were solid.

Overall The Signal is a worthwhile DLC, if you bought the game new then you get it for free so there is no question of value. Even if you bought the game used then the DLC will be about $7 which is still worth it.


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