Limbo Review

There are few games anywhere close to what Limbo is, a game with no dialog, no explanation, and nameless characters, however it manages to captivate players unlike any game before it. Almost all aspects of Limbo are unique in their own sense, here is a game that should be experienced by anyone who enjoys a mysterious adventure, relentless puzzle solving and an overall fun time.

Limbo starts with a nameless boy who is the game’s protagonist, he wakes up in the middle of the forest and begins to explore the shadowy land of the game. Minutes after beginning you realize that the world of Limbo is full of traps, obstacles, and enemies, and with no way of fighting back the player must use the enviornment to their advantage. The only two actions the boy can take is jump and grab, that might seem very limiting on paper but in action that’s all players will need aside from their problem solving abilities.

The main draw of Limbo is the fact that the entire game is one puzzle after another, these range from relatively easy to seemingly impossible. One thing that you can expect from Limbo is that you will get killed countless times yet it’s not frustrating, rather it makes players think about what they did wrong and how they can overcome the obstacle. Depending on your familiarity with puzzles you could find yourself stuck on one for sometime, tinkering with objects and experimenting with them, but when you do figure it out a sense of “AH-HA!” comes over you as if you deciphered some hidden code. The feeling of self accomplishment you get from the difficult puzzles is at a level far from those of a typical game.

Graphics in Limbo are purposely kept at a minimum which adds even more to the atmosphere, because of the black and white scheme that’s used players can focus more on the subtle effects the environment has to offer. The sounds in Limbo are even more subtle than the graphics, through out much of the game there is no music what so ever, however the few parts that it comes up in is used masterfully. During particularly tense moments in the game the music will begin to creep up but it never overpowers the situation, it adds just enough tension to push you to the edge of your seat as you make that jump over a pit or a buzz saw knowing you’re chances of making it are little.

If there is anything bad to say about Limbo it would be the length, players will be able get through the game in about 3 to 5 hours which is on the short side, considering there is nothing left to do once the game is done. Also there was little climax towards the end, in a game filled with tense puzzles the ones leading up to the finish line weren’t particularity exciting. The one other thing to mention about Limbo is that it’s very open ended as to the events of the game, there is little if anything explained so if you’re the type that absolutely needs a definite story and explanation you’re not going to get it here. However the vague story is what gives Limbo it’s heart, you’re free to interpret the events and even discuss with others you’re own theories. Limbo is a game that should be played by everyone, you will unlikely play anything like it for years, and it’s clear that the developers put in a lot of heart into the game and for that Limbo is a must buy.

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