Green Day Rock Band Review

Harmonix puts out their second artist exclusive Rock Band with Green Day. Be mindful that this is not a sequel to Rock Band 2 but more of a homage game similar to the Beatles Rock Band which was released last year. If your a fan of the punk rock band Green Day or have listened to a lot of their music growing up, then your going to enjoy this game.

The game revolves around the multi-platinum selling and Grammy Award-winning band Green Day in three iconic periods in their careers. Dookie, American Idiot and 21 Century Breakdown in 3 different venues. 47 tracks span that collection and six more that can be purchased via DLC in Rock Band 2. New motion cap technology is also used for the band, giving each song thats played in the specific venue a unique feel. Compared to other Rock Bands, this one feels a little light on content, especially since the band has had a successful career across all albums and all are memorable. More venues and a bigger set list would have been just the right touch to make the game totally worth while.

Green Day Rock Band offers a good variety of play between the instruments. If your looking for a challenge then you’ll find one here. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of Green Day growing up, I did however enjoy their music and have surprisingly listened to a lot of it. With that said I enjoyed the nostalgia and many of the songs are fun to even sing along with. There are a number of unlockables like Beatles Rock Band which are photos and unreleased footage. The game can also be played online, up to 6 players and has leader board tracking as well.

It’s really a no brainer here, if you like Green Day and Rock Band then this game was made to be in your collection! If you like either or then some fun can be had here. For $9.99 you can export the entire track list onto Rock Band 2 or 3 when it becomes available if thats your preference. Extra content like photos, deleted footage and easter eggs that only Green Day fans would know scattered across the game are a nice touch as well. The shear level of detail that was put into the Beatles Rock Band isn’t here but then again you would be getting this for the love of Green Day and this game has a lot of that.

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Overall = 8.0

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